Steve Sterken


ART Realty

About ART Realty

Steve Sterken’s Realtor story began in 2004, when he launched his real estate career with a large local firm. Mentored under a veteran Realtor, who was also his father-in-law, his knowledge and business grew quickly. He soon felt called to create a real estate firm where the culture was different. One where agents were encouraged to thrive, and taught how to bring value to clients outside of the standard Realtor role, one where both leads and ideas were shared, one where agents gathered for potlucks and community events, and team was promoted throughout the office.The ART Realty story began in 2008, to bring those important and unique ideas to fulfillment. The quest to create a real estate company that was different and distinctive started in a converted gas station, with Steve and his father-in-law as co-owners. Through the firm’s journey and growth, three core values emerged, which ART Realty holds to this day:

Value, Team, And Social Responsibility.